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The house fly and other types of "filth flies" can become nuisance pests, but also have the potential to harm humans and animals. House flies, for example, can spread diseases such as food poisoning and dysentery.

The habits of filth flies favor the spread of bacteria and other disease-causing organisms. Filth flies often feed and lay eggs on rubbish, manure and carrion before contaminating human foods and food preparation surfaces by landing on them. When feeding, house flies regurgitate their stomach contents onto food to liquefy it before ingesting it. They also may contaminate food and surfaces by defecating on them.

Professional treatment

This treatment does not stop flies from coming into your house through open windows & doors. It is not a preventative treatment, it kills flies when they have landed on a sprayed surface but is not an instant kill. The benefits of a fly treatment is that you will have dramatically less flies in your house than you would have if you did not have a treatment so it is definitely worth having. Professional treatments done once or twice in a season are far better for you and your family than lots of spraying with cans of fly spray or the regular intermittent spray from a wall unit while you are in the house and even when you are eating. Our treatments are odourless & colourless water-based products so once the sprayed surface is dry you will not even know that it is there.

An interesting thing about the flies that are hanging around your house - They will sit in the frames of windows & doors during the day because they can feel the heat that has built up inside the house. Then when you arrive home and open the doors & windows they come in with you. People often think that the flies must have been inside before they shut the house up for the day and their treatment is not working because the flies are still alive but this is not the case.

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