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Rats along with mice are some of the most successful mammals on the planet. This structure infesting rodent, is often the cause of significant damage to property and food contamination, readily infesting residential and commercial property particularly in the autumn and winter when cooler weather prompts them to move indoors. Once they have moved in they don't leave.

There are two main species of rat that you are likely to encounter in or around your home or business premises. The roof rat also known as the black rat and the Norway rat.

Rodent Facts

Rodents cause various problems and inflict damage to your home or work premises and to the surrounding area in a number of ways, including:

Signs You May have Rats

Do you hear scratching noises from the loft, roof space, walls or under the house?

Our Treatment Programs

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Each property is different, so we assess the problem and then formulate an Individually designed program to fit each customer's specific needs.

Best Pest Control technicians closely examine the exterior of your home or business, looking for any entry points, such as electrical lines, plumbing fixtures, air conditioning conduits or gaps around doors that can easily allow rodents access.

How Do We Eliminate Rodents?

At Best Pest Control we employ a range of the very latest equipment and products, that are approved for trapping, baiting and tracking to control your rodent problem, in a humane way whilst protecting the health and safety of your children, employees, pets and the environment.

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