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At Best Pest Control, we understand how distressing spider infestations can be.

Our team are fully trained, qualified and experienced in dealing with all types of spider infestations, from the common house spiders that cover the exterior of your home with unsightly webs, to the white tail spider that likes to be sociable and move in with you all year round.

Depending on the type of infestation that you have, Best Pest Control can do a full white tail spider program, a full interior/ exterior treatment, or an exterior only spray to deal with the spiders that are creating the webs.

Our team always aims to provide you with a swift, stress-free service.

Most spider move inside during the autumn and winter months, apart from the white tail spider

New Zealand is home to about 2500 kinds of spiders, most of them harmless to people. Only some spiders are capable of biting humans. There are three species of spiders in New Zealand that should be avoided – the Katipo, the Redback and the White-tailed Spider.

Although New Zealand spiders are mostly harmless, they can still be stressful and disruptive. If you see spiders regularly around your home or place of work, it is likely that they are nesting in spaces such as loft space or cavity walls.

How we rid your property of Spiders

Specialist New Zealand Spider Control Services

Spiders can be a problem both on the interior or exterior of your home. gives you the choice as to whether we limit our spraying to just the inside or the outside or you have a complete spider control treatment to get them wherever they decide to spin their webs around your house.

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